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Can I join if I don’t live in Munster?
Our club is open to residents of the town of Munster, IN. Please visit the
International MOMS Club® to find a chapter in your town. If there is no active chapter in your area, contact us at momsclubmunster@gmail.com for information on how to start a new club.


How much does it cost?
Membership dues are $20 per year. These funds are utilized to cover expenses such as our annual dues to International MOMS Club®, office supplies and business meeting space rental. We are diligent with our funds and understand families are as well. Please contact us at momsclubmunster@gmail.com if membership dues would cause financial hardship. Our goal is to provide support for ALL Munster moms who seek it.  

Am I required to attend a certain number of events each month?

You may participate as much or as little as you’d like. Of course, we encourage members to be involved so that we get to know them and they can get the most out of the club!

 Can I give input on activities I would like to do?
Absolutely! We pass around a calendar at our monthly business meetings, and members are encouraged to write in any activity they would like to have the club do: playgroups, field trips, MOMS Night Out or anything else.
 I am a working mother. Can I join?
Moms who work part-time are welcome to join. However, please realize that activities may conflict with your work schedule. Since most of our activities are held during the day, a mom who works full-time may not find any scheduled club activities when she is available. However, all mothers are welcome to join.
Who is in charge of the club?
The club is run by a volunteer executive board comprised of five positions, each with specific roles to help the club run smoothly. All members are welcome and encouraged to run for the board. Elections are held in June. Our local chapter is overseen by the International MOMS Club®, which provides support and guidance to our club.
Can I send a babysitter to a club event?
Because this club is primarily a support group for Moms, we ask that only members attend events.
What does it mean that the club is nonprofit?
We are a registered 501(C)(3) public charity organization. Additionally, as nonprofit club we are required to complete one service project benefiting local children every year, although we typically complete several service projects. 
How do I join?
Please email 
momsclubmunster@gmail.com for information on joining our club.
MOMS Club® of Munster and International MOMS Club® do not endorse any advertisements that appear on this page.

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