Why we love MOMS Club!

love-heart-abstract-pattern-patterns-mood-bokeh-free-desktop-backgroundAnother “Hallmark holiday” is upon us. By now, you are probably busy shopping for cutesy favorite character-themed cards for your child’s classmates complete with gluten-free, nut-free, healthy, but fun-to-eat treats. Or perhaps you are crafty and making dozens of cards by hand. Let’s not forget planning Valentine’s party games, making gift bags, and baking cupcakes!

Can we just get real for a minute? These things are fun, but also have the potential to consume much of our spare time, energy, funds, and sanity.

Sure, Valentine’s day flowers, cards, treats, and parties are nice gestures. After all, most of us moms are all for any celebration with chocolate! However, once the sparkle of glittery cards and flowery blooms fade, what we really hope remains is not the fluffy stuff of superficial friendships. We’d rather have real connections with people.

That’s what MOMS Club® is all about: real moms and their families who celebrate each other’s joys and support each other when life upends your box of chocolates.

Interested in joining? All Munster moms and their children are welcome to attend our next Monthly Social on Friday, February 3rd at Westminster Presbyterian Church from 9:30 – 11:30 am. Yes, there will be chocolate! For more details or membership registration, please email us at






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